As Erkurt Holding, we are sure that one of the most important needs of our world, which is getting smaller day by day, will be an effectively and efficiently managed Supply Chain Management. Within the scope of Supply Chain Management security, we undertake to meet the expectations of our business partners and create customer satisfaction, to protect the tools and information of products and services by developing the necessary processes to meet the legal and applicable requirements of the relevant parties, and to comply with the requirements of the relevant standards to take the necessary security measures.

Based on this purpose, our priorities and goals are;

  • In accordance with Supply Chain Security Management, we constantly review all our processes, from the procurement of raw materials required for our products and services, to the production, handling and delivery of our products to the buyer, in line with the ISO 28000 standard and relevant customer standard requirements and ensure that compliance obligations are fulfilled.

  • To increase Supply Chain security, we use new technologies and methods to prevent possible risks and negative consequences in our activities. We ensure safe operation with procedures and Supply Chain emergency plans.

  • In order to increase our Supply Chain security, we work with companies that have the necessary international standards and sectoral certificates and approvals to protect the necessary products, services and related information of our suppliers in the chain until our products reach the buyer.

  • To increase Supply Chain security, we review security regulations through continuous improvement activities, evaluate opportunities and ensure compliance with compliance obligations.

  • In order to increase Supply Chain security, we ensure our suppliers’ compliance with Erkurt Holding’s Ethical and Business Principles, Environment, Energy, Occupational Health, Occupational Safety and Information Privacy Policies, and project-based procedures and instructions through employment contracts.

  • We make our Supply Chain Security Policy and Statement available to our employees, suppliers, customers and all interested parties.

We undertake to take these principles into account in the formation of the plans and targets of our management and employees.

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