Our Valuable Employees and Business Partners,

All Erkurt Holding subsidiaries have been well-established and reliable institutions that have proven themselves in their fields of activity since the first day they were established. We have been working for more than 40 years with our mission that we accept in the words of our Founder and Honorary President Mr. Ahmet Kurtcebe Alptemoçin, who guided us, and he said – and I quote:

“Our essential and primary aim is to perform high quality production in a correct, honest and well-intentioned manner, to respect the law, to provide an increasing added value to the country’s economy by continuously improving our understanding of production and management.” and we will continue to work in line with this mission.

Our journey, which began as Erkurt Tekstil ve Yalıtım Ürünleri A.Ş. in 1978, continued with the establishment of Formfleks in 1983, of Erkurt Dış Ticaret ve Pazarlama in 1985, of Cemre Halıcılık in 1987, later Taysan in 1992 and Rieter-Erkurt in 1997. We can define this period as the first phase, namely the phase during which the basic fiction that will carry us to the present was shaped.

With the establishment of Erkurt Holding A.Ş. in 1998, all of our companies were collected under the umbrella of the holding. Thereafter; Bekalp Kalıpcılık established in 2002, Novetüd established in 2005, Bekalp Otomotive established in 2012, Tabco established in 2017, Formfleks Algeria established in 2019 and Erkurt R & D established in 2019, all our companies, started to operate as holding subsidiaries. We can define this period as the second phase, namely the phase during which all new subsidiaries and managerial activities are coordinated by Erkurt Holding.

The internet age that started in the 2000s affected all approaches in the industry over time and caused the world to turn into a big village. The technological developments triggered by this period, in which the distance became closer and the manufacturer could meet the consumer,the seller with the buyer without intermediaries, caused the business environments to evolve into a structure where all units in a production center communicate with each other over the internet and with machines. This started the age of industrial maturity defined as Industry 4.0.

This rapid digitalization of the world invites all companies to become global players, not regional players. Of course, responding to this invitation requires being entrepreneurial, capable of doing business in multicultural environments, having business ethics, being creative, innovative and competitive. The environment required by this new age will actually witness a very harsh selection process. Those who can adapt will remain standing, and those who cannot adapt will end their commercial life.

This situation has demonstrated that in the new period, we now need to be structured according to the third phase in order not only to maintain our existence, but to grow and develop.

The third phase is the new period in which we put forward a structuring and growth strategy in line with our vision, which we defined as “Being Global”. This new phase started with the merger of our six companies operating under the umbrella of Formfleks in 2020. Our goal, in the automotive industry which is core business of Formfleks, is to make Formfleks a company, which operates and works in international markets, achieving excellent business results by taking employee and customer satisfaction into consideration, structuring its activities in accordance with international management and audit systems, and adopting a lean and sustainable management mentality as a business culture.

We will surely reach this goal. I am sure that a new period will come during which we will have to restructure in the future. Formfleks will be waiting at the door of that period with a self-confident and forward-looking attitude, once again achieving its goals!

Together and forever.