As the Board of Directors of Erkurt, we are committed to maintain the “Energy Management System” for a sustainable world and to comply with applicable conditions  in order to fulfill the responsibilities of Holding and our subsidiaries to our customers, the industry and our country.

For this purpose,

We prioritize ;

  • Improving our Energy Management System and our performance by continuously improving information and resources in order to achieve our goals and objectives,
  • Complying with the requirements concerning Energy Management System, meeting  the applicable legal and other requirements regarding energy use and energy consumption,
  • For a sustainable world, following  the developing technologies, increasing the rate of use of renewable energy sources in our production and services,  based on their importance in climate change struggle, whenever possible,
  • Ensuring compliance of products, services, facilities, equipment and processes that affect energy performance with the procedures available in the Design and Purchasing processes, with a focus on energy efficiency,
  • The strengthening of corporate structures, capacities and collaborations, the use of advanced technology, energy efficiency in new products, new processes, planned investments and services.

We are committed to:

  • Raise the awareness of our employees and partners in energy issues through training and awareness events.

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