“Our Ethical Principles are the Assurance of Our Reputation.”

In this direction;

  • We do not compromise on compliance with the law under any circumstances.
  • We keep company’s interests above all other interests and protect our corporate reputation by avoiding behaviors that will harm the company.
  • We do not enter into personal interest relations by taking advantage of the reputation and power of our companies.
  • We adopt and protect company assets.
  • We embrace diversity and respect personal rights and dignity.
  • We consider the interests of the company in activities outside the company and stay away from activities that will damage the company’s reputation.
  • We protect the confidential information of the company and respect the confidential information of others.
  • We act fairly and impartially, regardless of personal relations in all our decisions.
  • We continuously improve our honesty-based business with our entrepreneurial spirit.
  • We never compromise on Erkurt Holding business ethics understanding.
  • We reject all forms of corruption.