We Do High Quality Work

Quality is our honour and a common responsibility for all of us. As a team, we work in order to reach the highest quality level and comply totally with the rules of the customer.

Occupational Health and Safety Is Our Priority

Zero-work-accidents is our unchangeable target and providing a safe and healthy working environment is our indisputable priority.

Respect For Human and Employee Rights Are Among Our Basic Values

We consider the principles of the United Nations Global Compact which we are among the signatories as a guide in all our activities, targets and stakeholder relations. We put our “respect for employees starts with respect for humans” principle above all our values.

We Conduct Relations with All Stakeholders with Sensibility

We conduct our relations with all our stakeholders in accordance with the laws and regulations within the framework of ethical rules.

  • Relations with Customers

At Formfleks, we approach our customers based on satisfaction and protect the customer information with sensibility. We behave as caring, honest and fair towards all customers to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Relations with Suppliers

We believe that the goods and services offered by our suppliers directly affect the quality of the goods and services produced by our company. In this context, we regard our suppliers as our business partners and we choose them among the institutions operated at the quality and standards we have set.

  • Relations with Competitors

We undertake to comply with applicable fair competition rules and supporting laws and regulations in our operations.

  • Social Relations

We take part in and support projects that will contribute to the development of the society with the awareness of social responsibility.