“Our Corporate Business Principles are Assurance of Our Sustainable Success.”

In this direction;

  • We adopt the concept “Management by Processes”. We are based on a structure where all process owners are in contact with each other and work with other process owners in harmony and discipline and in accordance with the procedures.
  • We never compromise from the principles of institutionalization. We manage our activities with lean processes where every job is defined, up-to-date, understandable, designed in accordance with the customer demands and company targets.
  • We support being innovative and leader. We plan activities and organize professional and personal development trainings so that our employees are leaders who develop themselves and are open to innovations and new technologies.
  • We do our work with “quality”. “0 Error” is our most important target. We offer our customers products and services under the guarantee of Erkurt Holding.
  • “0 Work Accident” is our uncompromising priority. We continue our activities by considering the Occupational Health and Safety Law and international standards.
  • We protect human rights and continuously improve our working environment. We aim to set an example for the society in implementing of human and employee rights with our activities.
  • We maintain our relations with our shareholders, public institutions and organizations, customers, employees, suppliers, competitors and Non-Governmental Organizations in accordance with laws and regulations within the framework of our business ethics and ethical rules.
  • We protect the environment. We do not compromise from the legal requirements and environmental standards when planning our activities.
  • We always carry out all our activities with an accountable and auditable approach. All of our activities are audited by public institutions and organizations as well as internal and external audit mechanisms.
  • We evaluate processes with enterprise risk management and turn risks into opportunities by maximizing the interaction between processes.