As Formfleks, we undertake to protect our natural resources by improving the activities we carry out in our facilities, considering that the resources of our world which are getting smaller and smaller day by day are not infinite.

For this purpose;

  • We continuously review all our processes from raw material input to the shipment of our products in accordance with ISO 14001 standard as well as the environmental legislation and main industry requirements and ensure that compliance needs are satisfied.
  • We benefit from new technologies and methods for protecting the environment and preventing the risks in our operations. We undertake these risks with Procedures and Emergency Plans.
  • We use environmentally friendly chemicals.
  • We take our waste under control at source and minimise our impact in indispensable and limited receiving environments such as soil, water and air by increasing recovery and recycling.
  • We reduce resource usage with the understanding of recovery and recycling.
  • We maximise savings by taking energy and water usage under control.
  • Our greatest desire is to meet today’s needs without consuming the resources of the future with sustainable production techniques.
  • We keep our Environmental Policy open and accessible to our employees, suppliers, customers and all relevant parties.
  • These principles are the most important factors that are taken into account in creating the plans and goals of our management and employees

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