We keep the noise outside!

With our NVH, interior trim, exterior trim, heat shields and under-body cover parts for passenger and commercial vehicles, we produce solutions in all processes from raw material to final product.



The investment of alpha cabin which is an advanced measurement device in terms of sound absorption coefficient measurements was made in Formfleks R&D Center acoustic laboratory.

Erkurt Holding's Seniority Awards Ceremony for 2020

Erkurt Holding's Seniority Awards Ceremony for 2020 was hold in Formfleks Headquarters. At the ceremony, which started with the opening speech of our Chairman Âli Kerem Alptemoçin, the awards were presented to our employees who have completed their 15th, 20th, 25th and 35th years in our companies by their managers and our Board of Directors.

6TH Awareness Meeting

We came together at the 6th Awareness Meeting held in Formfleks Central factory on Wednesday, November 11th, 2020.

We Signed A Joint Declaration For A 'Better World' After Covid-19

Prior to its 75th anniversary, the United Nations called on all companies to support international cooperation and inclusive multilateralism in the face of global risks.

Our G² "Youth Is Our Future" Team Is On The Program "Young Sdg Innovators"!

We take part with Erkurt Holding and Formfleks companies in the Young SDG Innovators program organized by the United Nations Global Compact platform to produce innovative projects with young people for "Sustainable Development Goals" and to increase the interaction of organizations.