Our Performance Management System is based on “SEYİS” (Sustainable Erkurt Management and Manufacture System) We set business and individual targets according to corporate strategies and carry out our performance assessments according to targets and competencies.

We apply a performance-based bonus system based on the improving of the performance of organisations, teams and individuals and rewarding success in line with our strategies in our company.


We apply a market-compliant remuneration system based on job evaluation and grading structure.

We evaluate the positions within our organisation objectively with their duties, responsibilities, qualifications and jobs that they do based on their contribution to organisational goals and position them within the grading structure.

We regularly follow the remuneration market in our industry and define our remuneration policy by considering the grading structure.

In a manner to impact the total remuneration package; we provide additional social allowances to all staff such as heating allowance, holiday payments education allowance, annual leave  allowances. Also we apply position based benefits.

We pay the salaries of employees at the end of one month’s working period. We implement the provisions of TÜRK METAL Collective Bargaining in the salary advance payments to be made to blue collar employees who are members of the union.