• We design our development programs in accordance with our corporate strategies and personal development needs by using a 70-20-10 development model.
  • We form special project groups and provide rotation opportunities by supporting learning by experiences.
  • For experience exchange between persons, we design coaching and mentorship programs.
  • We make use of internal and external resources in class and online trainings and group our trainings as “Personal Trainings, Occupational Trainings, System Trainings and Legal Trainings”.
  • We organise on-the-job trainings in our Dojo room prepared to improve the occupational capabilities and handicraft regarding the machines and equipment used in our production site.


We provide a suitable working environment in order to transform the potentials of our employees to performance and create career development opportunities at every level.


 “Talent Management”

It is a program designed to make sure that all employees are provided development opportunities and to manage the talents of our employees in a way to support business goals.

With our Y² Talent Management program, we contribute both personal and organisational development and carry out the program integrated with performance, training and development management processes.

 “Youth is Future”

G² is a career program in which our young employees born in 1990 and after are provided with the opportunity to improve themselves in line with their professional targets.

We determine our young employees with high potential with “Evaluation Centre Application”, monitor them closely by including them in a special talent management program and prepare them for the executive positions they will occupy in the future.

Star of the Field

Star of the Field is a talent management program we implement for the career development of our employees who have shown a high performance in production fields.

With this program in which we provide occupational and personal development opportunities to our field employees, we aim to create an inclusive working environment and equality in opportunity.